Eye Infections


Description of Medical Condition An inflammatory reaction of the eyelid margin. It usually occurs as seborrheic (non-ulcerative) or as staphylococcal (ulcerative) blepharitis. Both types may coexist. System(s) affected: Skin/Exocrine Genetics: N/A Incidence/Prevalence in USA: Common (the most frequent ocular disease) Predominant age: Adult Predominant sex: Male = Female Medical Symptoms and Signs of Disease Staphylococcus aureus blepharitis Itching Lacrimation; tearing Burning Photophobia (light sensitivity) Usually worse in morning Recurrent stye (external hordeolum, or internal hordeolum) Recurrent chalazia (chronic inflammation of meibomian glands) Fine, epithelial keratitis, lower half of cornea Ulcerations at base of eyelashes Broken, sparse, misdirected eyelashes(trichiasis) Seborrheic blepharitis Lid margin erythema Dry flakes, oily secretions on lid margins and/or lashes […]

Corneal ulceration

Description of Medical Condition Corneal ulcers represent an infection of the cornea by bacteria, virus or fungi as a result of breakdown in the protective epithelial barrier. If left untreated, corneal ulcers can result in blindness. Ulcerations may be central or marginal. System(s) affected: Nervous Genetics: None Incidence/Prevalence in USA: Common Predominant age: None Predominant sex: Male = Female Medical Symptoms and Signs of Disease Eyelid and conjunctiva become inflamed Mucopurulent discharge The corneal epithelium will be absent with underlying ulceration and infiltration of the corneal stroma with leukocytes Foreign body sensation Blurred vision Light sensitivity Pain What Causes Disease? Corneal ulcers are predisposed by the presence of an entry to […]